The Samsung Galaxy Fold will be the first folding phone commercially available from a major brand. It costs 2,000 € if it is pre-ordered in a month. Future buyers therefore expect it to be made up of stringent elements justifying this price.

Samsung claims that the Galaxy Fold can easily handle 200,000 bends, and confirms its claim by giving an overview of the rigorous bending test.

The Galaxy Fold is connected to a machine that constantly opens and closes for a week to collect 200,000 layers. This test simulates which 5 years (if you open and close the phone 100 times a day).

It seems that the first users of Galaxy Fold do not have to worry about sustainability.

Recently we learned some insider details about the Galaxy Fold. The slight kink of the screen when it is fully unfolded is apparently invisible when the brightness of the screen exceeds 70%, and you can not use the Galaxy Fold as a kind of laptop because the screen turns off when the screen is not completely folded , ,


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