Google Pixel 5XL image leaks and camera make you surprised

Google Pixel 5XL image leaks and camera make you surprised

Google just change the smartphone camera game with google pixel Series that we saw on Apple iPhone 11 camera, newly launched Samsun Galaxy S20 Series all other company tries to make their camera as promising as Google Pixel camera have. But in Google Pixel 4 was not as promising as the previous Pixel was. The main problem with Google Pixel is that they have an ugly design(fires your whole design team), Small battery, screen. Google has the resources that it can build the best smartphone but they can’t or maybe the price tag is too high. But Google makes lots of buzzes around there pixel and in 2020 they will launch Google Pixel 5 and Google Pixel 5xl. Today a render of Google Pixel 5xl images leaked with a huge camera bump, and 3 camera set up.

Google Pixel 5XL image leaks and camera make you surprised

Google Pixel 5 Render shows a unique looking glossy camera bump design and matt and soft touch on finish both the frames and the rear glass. Google Pixel 5xl has an extra camera over the previous pixel. So In google pixel, Pixel 5xl camera set has an ultrawide lens.

Google Pixel 5XL image

If Google doesn’t make a huge step in Google Pixel 5 series then Google Pixel series gonna dead as Nexus. Because Apple and Samsung make a huge improvement in their camera department they are very close to Google Pixel Camera. and if we compare pixel with other specs Pixel is not as good as other flagship brands are. So if google not take huge steps in every department on Google pIxel 5 series then nobody gonna buy pixel phones. Last Year Google launch Google Pixel 4 with Motion sense feature due to that it is not available in India. And we think Motion sense feature is not as impactful as Google says. If they contain this hardware than put it into the small bezel make it perfect and add more features.



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