Google Pixel 4 camera sample take incredible photos

Google Pixel 4 camera sample hints at the incredible new feature

Google has already earned a reputation in the field of the smartphone camera, but Google Pixel 4 should help move things forward. Rumors also include an updated main camera, a new telephoto, and a mysterious third-party sensor. It is also reported that Google Pixel 4 Camera has a software implementation like DSLR, which now seems to allow an incredible new feature.

As noted by YouTuber, Brandon Lee of This is Tech Today, Google’s design director Claude Zellweger recently posted a photo on his Instagram page, taken in the Google Design Studio. Alberto Villareal, the company’s creative and industrial designer, congratulated Zellweger on his image, to which he responded by stating that he had been shot with an unspecified “20x zoom” pixel camera.

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Despite Super Res Zoom software, a Google Pixel 3 is simply unable to produce a picture with so much clarity at a similar zoom level. Therefore, it would not be crazy to assume that this photo was taken with a pre-production Pixel 4 device linked to the alleged DSLR feature.

Google Pixel 4 vs Google Pixel 4XL specs comparison

The exact specs of Google’s new camera software have not been leaked yet. However, this could change the game for Google Pixel or entire Smartphones market. Finally, Google gives competition to the same league as the Huawei P30 Pro or the Oppo Reno 10x zoom, both featuring a 5x optical zoom thanks to a special lens similar to a periscope and a 10x hybrid zoom Offer. The Huawei P30 Pro also supports 50x digital zoom, but it does not deliver exactly the best pictures.

In the camera department of the pixel 4 series, we have a very high expectation from Google. You can also check out


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