Google celebrates the Safe Internet Day with two updates to protect users’ data, including your valuable usernames and passwords. One is a nice extension of the desktop version of Chrome, the other is called Cross Account Protection.

To protect your username and account from hackers and attacks, Google has collected $ 4 trillion of vulnerable credentials. If you install the extension called “Password Checkup,” the data you enter with Google will be matched against the data entered and you will be notified if an entry has been hacked. This triggers an automatic alert and suggests that you change your password.

Using someone else’s account and password is awful, but it’s even more serious if you access your Google Account, especially if you’re storing card data or online bank accounts, and other sensitive information. Because some protections are not extended to the application you use for Google Sign In, cross-account protection is useful.

Google informs applications and sites that have implemented the connection option that an account has been hijacked. However, instead of revealing all sorts of sensitive information, the injured host only knows when a security event occurs and when it happened. This feature was developed with Adobe, the Internet Engineering Task Force and the Open ID Foundation.



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