This allowed LetsGoDigital to refine its original 3D rendering. The most obvious change is perhaps the hinge. It folds flat and is not segmented like the Surface Book hinge.

The whole thing looks surprisingly slim. A new polarizer filter, 45% thinner (Samsung spoke to the conference developers), is one of them. The glasses also seem to have been brightened up.

It’s a 7.3-inch screen (1,536 x 2,152 pixels) that folds in half and a 4.58-inch screen on the outside. The Samsung Galaxy F has two batteries and is expensive to manufacture and purchase.

Note that there are some uncertainties about the position and number of cameras. It could be on the back of a triple camera, which probably also serves as a selfie camera (there is no front space).

The collapsible Samsung Galaxy (perhaps the “Galaxy F”) will be presented (again) on February 20 alongside the Galaxy S10 group.

Source (in Dutch)


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