July12 , 2024

    Exabytes Review 2020 – Hosting Features, Usability, Performance, Prices, and Support



    With almost two decades of experience and a tripartite approach with which customers can simplify, innovate and improve their online presence, Exabytes is full of energy and enthusiasm. The Exabytes provides best services like web hosting, email services, domain names, Microsoft office and Digital marketing services for every type of website own

    Exabytes operates data centres in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the United States and offers customers an impressive presence in fast-growing Asian markets. US-based customers will appreciate the fact that they do not have to worry about time zones when requesting support, as Exabytes system engineers and support staff are available 24/7.

    Exabytes was founded in 2001 by a 19-year-old dropout with visions of cutting-edge technology and automation and today serves more than 100,000 customers in 121 countries. Here we put the company to the test and measure performance, functionality, user-friendliness, pricing and support.

    The Exabytes provides best services like web hosting, email services, domain names, Microsoft office and Digital marketing services for every type of website own

    Exabytes Overall Review: 4.7/5.0 Rating

    exabyte product and feature
    1. Domain name registrations – and transfers value affordability and free DNS management. Customers get a free .COM domain with standard shared hosting plans or can choose from a list of top-level domains for business and WordPress users.
    2. Shared hosting – ranges from a Linux hosting to optimized dedicated WordPress hosting. Customers can further customize their plan by choosing the Windows operating system, high-performance solid-state drives, and server space in Singapore.
    3. Email and Microsoft Office 365 – ensure the best real-time productivity between devices. In addition to spam filters and corporate-level security, team workspaces enable group and video chats, file and screen sharing, and an interactive whiteboard.
    4. VPS and dedicated servers – use modern Intel processors and SSDs that offer IOPS up to 100 times more than conventional hard drives. In addition to fast server performance, Exabyte includes ultra-fast provisioning and basic managed services in all plans.
    5. Marketing and security tools – cover the full range of backups and SSL certificates for search engine optimization as well as social or email marketing tools. Exabytes works with experts from SiteLock, Sucuri, Symantec, Cloudflare, R1Soft and Immunify360 to protect customer data.

    we are impressed with the breadth and flexibility of Exabytes’ offer. Online, the company’s brand identity closely matches that of the global hosting and GoDaddy domain giant – an interesting choice, but we certainly cannot deny our ambition to be the best.

    Exabytes Features: 4.5/5.0 Rating

    The company’s strong presence in Southeast Asia is undoubtedly one of the greatest advantages of Exabytes. As the European and American hosting markets are becoming denser, many hosts are developing in the Asian markets – exabytes are already established there and in many ways ahead of the curve.

    Exabytes is well-positioned to take advantage of the enormous growth opportunities with data centres in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. After the U.S. data centre opened near Denver in 2015, the company added a second data centre location in Singapore in 2018. This means that Exabytes manages more than 1,000 servers, 100,000 websites and 1 million email accounts.

    The company’s broad range of services, particularly the choice of customers between Windows and Linux operating systems, is undoubtedly impressive.

    We want the SSDs to be evenly distributed across the various hosting products (they are currently included in virtual private servers, WordPress plans and Windows shared hosting based in Singapore), but we certainly recognize Exabytes’ commitment to high performance computing. .

    A bizarre peculiarity of hosting with exabytes revolves around the domain name, which is usually included in an annual hosting plan. The company limits WordPress, shared, and professional hosting customers to a list of six to ten top-level domain extensions – and.COM, .NET, and.ORG are not always shortened. While the strategy is certainly not a pause, customers need to read the fine print before making a purchase.

    Exabytes Ease of Use: 4.9/5.0 Rating

    We love the ease of use and simplicity of the Exabytes product line. A drag-and-drop site builder and pre-defined WordPress templates help new site owners build an online presence. Hundreds of one-click installations greet shared hosting customers. Hosting plans typically include free backups and restores, SSL certificates, and even improved SEO, security, and email tools with high-level packages.

    Perhaps the most impressive thing is the inclusion of standard control panels for cPanel and Plesk – at all accommodation levels. Server management portals are convenient and easy to use for shared hosting customers, and the benefit does not go away at the VPS or dedicated server level. Customers can still have root access to their server area, but many may appreciate leaving the command line for a graphical interface.

    exabytes product

    When registering for a plan, new customers follow the standard procedure for registering a domain and determining the duration of the hosting plan. Users have the option to add premium upgrades for web design, spam filters, website security, and email marketing. We are certainly not involved in upselling, but keep in mind that data protection is added to the domain by default. It’s an interesting service at an incredibly good price, but we’re not fans of Dark UX practice.

    Exabytes Pricing: 4.8/5.0 Rating

    In line with the company’s core values ​​of simplicity, innovation and growth, Exabytes services are offered at prices that are lower or higher than those of competitors. Simplified startup shared hosting plans start at just $ 1.00 a month and may be the best deal economically: customers get a free .COM domain name, 100 email accounts, and free backups for just $ 1.00 2 more.

    The company offers lower prices than usual for VPS and dedicated server plans. The WordPress offers are online at major US providers. As mentioned earlier, you should be aware of the additional costs associated with the add-ons. However, Exabytes offers really comprehensive service plans that appeal to the owners of websites with cash problems. The company accepts payments via MasterCard, Visa, American Express, PayPal and bank transfers

    Given the strengths of the business elsewhere, we hoped the exabytes would also shine in terms of availability. Instead, Exabytes promises the standard network availability guarantee of 99.9%. It’s certainly not a shame, and most customers are perfectly served by this price. The company’s server availability guarantee drops to 99.5%, which is a bit of a concern, but not a big red flag for us.

    Includes – 24/7/365 support via live chat and email for all customers. Telephone support for customers in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Additional support can be found in the knowledge base and in the community forums.
    Not included: telephone support for American customers.
    Global phone support would be a big step forward, but we’ve seen many providers offer less labour-intensive and time-consuming support. US customers should expect high-quality support through the team’s live chat and email ticketing system.

    Basic managed services, including availability and resource monitoring, and operating system and LAMP stack installation, are provided with VPS and dedicated server plans. For an additional fee, website owners can add firewall protection, performance optimization, and a dedicated support team.

    Our trust in Exabytes is further strengthened by the company’s 100-day money-back guarantee – the longest we’ve seen in the hosting space.