Daily Tech News 3 May 2020 – DopeTech News

Daily Tech News 3 May 2020 – DopeTech News

Here You can Find Every Daily Tech News 2 May 2020 in the world in a single Post. Have you any suggestions please lets us know in Comment.

Daily TechNews 2 May 2020 Highlights are Google Pixel 4a Geekbench Score leaked with specs

1. Google Pixel 4a Geekbench Score Leaked – Daily Tech News 3 May 2020

Google Pixel 4a leaked again, and this time it pops up on Geekbench. Google Pixel 4a Geekbench score for single 2569 and multi-Core 6366. Google Pixel 4a Geekbench listing as the code name of ‘Sunfish’.

Google Pixel 4a Geeknech listing also gives us the little bit of specs information like there will be 6GB model also and powered by Snapdragon processor that clocked at 1.8GHz. These Specs indicate that Google Pixel 4a will be powered by Snapdragon 730.

A few days ago, Google Pixel 4a camera sample also leaked, and it compares with Redmi Note 7. Google Pixel 4a launch and sale are going to start from 22 May. Google Pixel 4a Price will be around $399 to $450 depends on storage.



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