Counter Point Research released a report on the future of the wireless headphone industry on Friday. “The global market for true wireless audio systems is expected to reach 129 million units by 2020,” according to the company’s latest research.

The research firm attributes the expected growth to the expectation of a new AirPod generation, which was soon to be announced and aggressively marketed to offset the recent decline in iPhone sales. At the same time, the company estimates that Apple Airpod‘s revenue would be approximately 35 million units, accounting for approximately 75% of the total wireless headset market share.

It is believed that Samsung (which has just released the Galaxy Buds), Bose, Jabra, Huawei, Bragi and LG will continue to stimulate the market for these “devices” and Google and eventually Amazon and Plantronics will enter the wireless trend as well ,

Those who will benefit from this growing industry are lithium-ion battery manufacturers and component manufacturers that manufacture microphones, sensors, chips, and small noise control components.

See the link below for the full report.



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