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    Flipkart SmartBuy K931T Review

    flipkart smartbuy k931T Review and Specification

    In Recent Years People tend to have multiple devices like laptops, Smartphones, maybe tablets, or Desktop Computer. This is why many companies keep putting out Multi-device Wireless keyboards. Some of them are expensive, other ones are low in price but build quality, user experience is very bad. So, If You are looking for a small portable keyboard, that you could use on a desk, laptop, iPad, or smartphone without spending a lot. Then Flipkart SmartBuy K931T wireless keyboard can be your best option. Flipkart SmartBuy K931T is the best compact full-Size wireless Multidevice keyboard Flipkart is selling.

    Flipkart SmartBuy K931T Bluetooth Keyboard in Newly launched wireless keyboard from Flipkart. Flipkart SmartBuy K931T Specification is very strong, it is packed with some of the premium features that are only present in expensive keyboards in the budget segment.

    Flipkart SmartBuy K931T Price is Now 1299 on Flipkart because of the festive season ( MRP 2,999 ).On normal days Flipkart SmartBuy K931T Price on Flipkart is 1699 because it is a newly launched keyboard ( Big Billion Days), so, we are not sure what will be the price after the festival season.

    So, in this Flipkart SmartBuy K931T Review article, we will talk about all aspects of this keyboard, like build quality, battery life, feature, key traveling, and many more to find out it is really a good keyboard or just another Chinese product with Flipkart branding.


    Flipkart SmartBuy K931T Specification is excellent, you can use this with any device which has Bluetooth or support a 2.4Ghz receiver. It supports almost all operating systems like macOS, Windows, Linux, Andriod, and ios.

    It is 84 Keys full-size keyboard, it has a plastic build and membrane switch with no backlighting.

    The keyboard comes with a 2 AA battery with good battery backup. Flipkart does provide battery life. There is no cable so, This keyboard can only be used wirelessly. After looking at Specification, this could be the best Keyboard Under 2000.


    Width314 mm
    Height145 mm
    Depth24 mm

    SmartBuy K931T is a small keyboard but its weight is 800. which is a lot considering its size. But there are pros of this weight, this keyboard comes with With an integrated cradle, you can place your mobile phone or tablet at a suitable angle for typing, reading, or gaming with ease. This 800g stabilizes when your tablet or phone is in the cradle.

    Flipkart SmartBuy K931T Specification

    Build Quality

    The build quality is good. The keyboard is made of plastic and there’s some flex to it, but overall, it feels solid and stable due to some extra weight. Although the keys are stable, the ABS keycaps feel cheap and the keys are pad-printed, which can chip or fade over time. There are no size adjustment feet in this keyboard. There are rubber feet on the bottom to prevent slipping.

    There is No wrist rest, however, most people should be comfortable typing on it due to the keyboard’s low profile. There’s no backlighting on this keyboard, so in low light, you can not use this.

    Wireless Versatility 

    Bluetooth Multi-Device Pairing 2
    USB Receiver yes

    Flipkart SmartBuy K931T Bluetooth keyboard can only be connected by Bluetooth or USB receiver and can be paired with 3 devices (2 Bluetooth and one receiver). You can easily switch between devices with dedicated keys ( F10, F11, F12).

    In The Box

    • Flipkart SmartBuy K931T Multi-Device Bluetooth keyboard
    • User guide
    • 2x AAA batteries
    • USB Receiver


    Key Switches MembraneMembrane
    Operating Force 61
    Actuation Force
    Total Travel

    SmartBuy K931T comes with membrane switches that are good for normal uses/ It has good key travel and feels is good when typing. The keys are clicky and a little noisy compare to the membrane switch. Keys are round shape, so it may take some time for us too.

    Flipkart SmartBuy K931T Review

    Typing Quality

    Typing quality is good. The SmartBuy K931T keys are stable and the low profile makes it comfortable to type on for a long period. The spacing of the keys is is good, but because of round keys some time you press the wrong key. but it shouldn’t be an issue for most people.

    Typing feels light and responsive, and shouldn’t cause any fatigue. Some main keys like enter, Shift, back are smaller than usual. That makes it a little difficult in starting. Typing noise is little noisy, can we used in office, home. Latency is good there is almost no lag.

    If you are using Mac then you can remap some keyboards for a better experience and use some Karabiner App for extra key mapping for a shortcut like a taskbar, mission control, application menu.


    Flipkart SmartBuy K931T is one of the best wireless keyboards under 2000. It is packed with the premium feature, has a good typing experience, builds quality and battery life.

    Flipkart SmartBuy K931T Price is, for Now, is 1299, in this festive season. after that price may be increased to 1699. At this price, it is also a great deal.

    Flipkart Smartbuy K931T Review FAQ

    Flipkart Smartbuy K931T Price In India?

    Flipkart SmartBuy K931T Price is, for Now, is 1299, in this festive season. after that price may be increased to 1699. At this price, it is also a great deal. MRP of this product 2,999.

    Where we can buy Flipkart Smartbuy K931T Keyboard?

    off course Flipkart

    How many devices does Flipkart Smartbuy K931T connect at a time?

    3 devices, 2 with Bluetooth and one with a 2.4GHz receiver. There are device switching keys in Function keys.

    Is Flipkart Smartbuy K931T Keyboard have good build quality?

    Yes, it has a plastic build.

    What is the battery life of this Smartbuy K931T?

    No, information but we think it will be more than 6 months.

    Is Flipkart Smartbuy K931T is The Best Keyboard Under 2000

    Yes Flipkart Smartbuy K931T is one of the Best Keyboard Under 2000 because of its feature-packed specs sheet, good build quality, and cheap price.

    Best Black Friday phone deals 2020

    Best Black Friday phone deals 2020 | Best Verizon black Friday deals 2020 In USA

    Want to upgrade to a New Phone and don’t spend a lot of money on a deal that here is Best Black Friday phone deals 2020. You can Buy any Smartphone at the there best price that you never imagine. You can Checkout Best Black Friday iPhone deals 2020, Android Deal on a carrier like Verizon and AT&T.

    Best Black Friday phone deals 2020

    Check Random Best Black Friday phone deals 2020

    1. Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, 128GB:  $1,199 $679.99 at B&H
    2. Samsung Galaxy Note 20, 128GB: $999 $749 at Best Buy
    3. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2: $1999 down to $999 at Samsung (Best Black Friday phone deals 2020)
    4. Google Pixel 4 64GB: $799 $539.99 at Amazon
    5. OnePlus 8 Pro 256GB (Unlocked): $999 $799 at Amazon
    6. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, 128GB (Sprint): $699 $399 at Best Buy
    7. Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, 128GB: $1,199 $949.99 at Amazon
    8. Samsung Galaxy A71 (128GB): $599.99 $499.99 at Amazon
    9. Samsung Note 20 Ultra, 128GB:$1,299 $1049 at Best Buy
    10. Apple iPhone 11: $24.99 $12.49/mo with new unlimited line at Verizon
    11. Apple iPhone XR: up to $210 off with trade-in at Apple
    12. Apple iPhone 12: $33.33 $14.95/month with trade-in and new unlimited plan on Verizon
    13. Apple iPhone 12: trade-in and get up to $700 off with new line at AT&T
    14. Apple iPhone 12 Mini: buy one, get one free, or save up to $412 with eligible trade-in at Verizon
    15. Apple iPhone 12 Pro: $41.66 $23.33/month with trade-in and new unlimited plan on Verizon
    16. iPhone SE 2020, 64GB: $399 FREE with two-year Verizon contract
    17. Apple iPhone SE: $16.66 free with an unlimited plan and trade-in at AT&T
    18. Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max: buy one, get one free, or save up to $440 with eligible trade-in on VerizonApple iPhone SE: $47 $30/mo at Mint Mobile
    19. Google Pixel 5: buy one, get one free with unlimited data plan on Verizon
    20. Google Pixel 5: Save $350 online, or free with switch, plus trade-in and new unlimited line at Verizon
    21. Verizon: $400 off a Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, 128GB
    22. Apple iPhone XS: $700 off with an eligible trade-in and unlimited plan at AT&T
    23. Apple iPhone XR: free with a new unlimited plan and trade-in at AT&T

    Best Verizon black Friday deals 2020 In USA

    If You are Verizon user and only want the best deal on it than check Best Verizon black Friday deals 2020 In USA. This Best Verizon black Friday deals 2020 In USA is categories in Andriod, iPhone, Apple watch and Ipad deal whatever you want.

    Best Black Friday phone deals 2020 in USA | Best Verizon Apple Deals in 2020

    Best verizon black friday deals 2020 In USA

    1. Save up to 50% on Samsung Galaxy smartphones at Verizon – ‘buy one, get $1000 off another’ with the S20, Note 20 & Z Fold 2 series Best Black Friday phone deals 2020
    2. Save up to $800 on the latest OnePlus smartphones at Verizon –‘buy one, get another up to $800 off’ promotion for OnePlus 8 5G smartphones
    3. Save up to 40% on Google Pixel 4, 4a, 4XL & Pixel 5 smartphones at Verizon – buy one, get another up to $700 off’ promotion on Pixel 5 smartphones
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    7. Save on Samsung Galaxy S10 Phones at Verizon
    8. Save on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Phones at Verizon
    9. Save on Google Pixel 5 at Verizon – check out the Best Verizon black Friday deals 2020 on the Google Pixel 5 smartphones
    10. Save on the Google Pixel 4 & 4a at Verizon – get the Google Pixel 4a for as little as $5/mo. at Verizon
    11. Save up to $1,000 off Samsung Galaxy Note20 Phones at Verizon – Verizon is running a special ‘buy one, get another up to $1000 off’ promotion on Note 20 phones
    12. Save up to $800 off the OnePlus 8 5G smartphone at Verizon – buy one, get another up to $800 off’ promotion for OnePlus 8 5G smartphones

    Best Verizon Apple Deals in 2020

    Here is Best Verizon Apple Deals in 2020. You can Buy new Ipad 8th generation, iPad Air, Apple Watch 6, and off-course iPhone 12 Series

    Best Verizon Apple iPad Deals

    Here You can Checkout all Best Verizon Apple iPad Deals in 2020.

    Best Verizon Apple Watch & AirPods Deals:

    Best Verizon iPhone Deals In 2020

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    Best AT&T black Friday deals 2020 In USA

    Check best Best AT&T black Friday deals 2020 In USA in all Andriod Smartphone, Iphone, Ipad Apple Watch

    Best AT&T iPhone Deals

    Best AT&T Galaxy & Pixel Phone Deals:

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    Save up to 63% off on a wide range of Apple iPhones & Android smartphones at AT& – check out the latest deals on iPhones, Galaxy, Pixel, OnePlus & more top brands

    Best Black Friday phone deals 2020 FAQ

    Best Black Friday phone deals 2020
    Best Black Friday phone deals 2020 is Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 at just $999
    Is there gonna be a black Friday 2020?
    Black Friday will officially be held on November 27th, 2020
    Is Walmart having Black Friday in 2020?
    Walmart opted to release three Black Friday 25-27 November
    Is Black Friday Cancelled?
    No, it will going to happen on 27 November
    Are any stores doing Black Friday 2020?
    All like Walmart, best buy, Kohl, Micro Center, Verizon, AT&T, Apple, Amazon
    What time is Walmart Black Friday?
    4 p.m. PT (7 p.m. ET) on Wednesday, Nov. 25
    Does Apple have Black Friday sales?
    Yes on 27 November
    Is Amazon having a Black Friday sale?
    Yes on 27 November

    Gcam For OnePlus Nord

    Gcam For OnePlus Nord | OnePlus Nord Gcam APK

    OnePlus Nord is a Good Smartphone and packed with the best hardware. But Like Previous OnePlus Smartphone it also Struggles in the Camera. If you want to improve its camera then Gcam for OnePlus Nord is the best option for you. OnePlus Nord Gcam App will differently change your whole camera Experience. If you don’t Know what is Gcam for One Plus Nord is then it is just a stock camera of Google Pixel Smartphone that is Modded for OnePlus Nord.

    Google Camera Port for OnePlus Nord (Gcam For OnePlus Nord)

    OnePlus Nord Camera is able to take very good images for the price at which it comes. But if you still think that the Stock cameras on the point. Then Gcam for OnePlus Nord is Best Option. There are A lot of OnePlus Nord Gcam Present online from the various developer.

    oneplus nord gcam xda | Gcam for One Plus Nord | One Plus Nord Gcam APK

    Gcam for OnePlus Nord Features

    • HDR+ Enhanced, Night Mode, Astrophotography(You can Set Time), Portrait Mode, Panorama, PhotoSphere, Photobooth, Motion tracking, Timelapse, Motion Photos, Lens Blur,
    • Video, Time-lapse, Slow motion, 60FPS.
    • AR Playground/Stickers
    • Multicamera Support

    OnePlus Nord Gcam APK Download |Gcam for One Plus Nord

    OnePlus Nord Gcam Apk is still in early mode, the app can be unstable. Here is some OnePlus Nord GCAM Xda that works Fine. 

    OnePlus Nord GcamDownload Link
    GCam 7.3 by GreatnessGcam7.3.018_Greatness.Build2.1.apk
    Arnova’s 7.4 BetaGCam_5.1beta1.200706.1149build-7.4.104.apk (2020-07-18, Android 9+)
    Urnyx’s 7.3 GCam_7.3.018_Urnyx05-v2.1.apk (2020-07-27, Android 9+)

    Thanks All Oneplus Nord Gcam Xda developer who works hard to provide such a great camera app. If more One Plus Nord Gcam App found we will update here.

    How to Install Gcam on OnePlus Nord

    Download OnePlus Gcam Apk link above
    Download Any Google Camera Port for OnePlus Nord form Above.
    Install Google Camera Port for OnePlus Nord
    install it on Your Phone. Enable installation for unknown sources.
    Configuration of Gcam on One Plus Nord
    config. it by going to a setting like Enable HDR+, AWB, RAW, ZOOM, or you and use pre configs XML file. that is also present with APK download page.
    If APP crash
    App may be crash when you enable some feature specially activate multiple camera. If this happen then just clear data and cache.

    OnePlus Nord Gcam Apk FAQ

    Where i Can Download OnePlus Nord Gcam Apk?
    Please check List there is best OnePlus Nord Gcam Apk available in 2020
    Which one is the best Oneplus Nord Gcam Xda developer APK?
    For Gcam For One Plus Nord is in early-stage for now. but GCam 7.3 by Greatness is stable Gcam For One Plus Nord.
    Arnova Gcam For One Plus Nord?
    Here is Arnova Gcam For One Plus Nord
    Best Oneplus Nord Gcam Xda developer?
    Greatness, Arnova, and Urnyx are Best Oneplus Nord Gcam Xda developers.
    One Plus Nord GCam 7.3 by Greatness?
    Please Check Link Above.
    Best Gcam For OnePlus Nord?
    GCam 7.3 by Greatness is Best Gcam For OnePlus Nord

    Best Mobile processor list 2022 January | Best Smartphone Processors Ranking January 2022

    Best Smartphone Processors Ranking August 2020

    Smartphones have become a necessary part of our life in recent years. It has all the hardware like a Camera, Video recorder, MP3 player, Movie player, and many more. For a Smooth experience, We need a faster Processor, that can handle all these tasks like butter while using less power. The processor is the heart and brain of a Smartphone that makes a good user experience smooth is it is powerful enough.

    In Recent Years Mobile processors become so much power that they can comfortably handle daily tasks, with high graphic intensive Gaming, 8K Video Recording, and Even AR. There are Five dominant Processor Manufactures Qualcomm, Mediatek, Samsung, Huawei, and Apple.

    Qualcomm and Mediatek are making Processors for other smartphone manufacturers where Apple, Samsung, and Huawei make processors only for their Mobile. Samsung Sometimes also Export Exynos Processor.

    We will Find out our Best Processor in the Best Mobile Processor list 2022 January that is based on Specification, Benchmark, and real Life performance.

    Many smartphones use the same processor but have differences in the specs sheet. So this Smartphone Processors Ranking 2022 January is written based on the highest score gained by smartphones.

    Best Mobile Processor list 2022 January

    Tech Companies have added breakthrough tech in the 2022 mobile Processor, because of these changes there is a big boost in their performance with low power consumption.

    Apple announced the new iPhone 12 series with a world-first 5nm processor Apple A14 Bionic that a lot better than the last A13 Bionic. Note:- check A14 Bionic vs A13 Bionic specification and benchmark comparison and find out their difference.

    Qualcomm dominates smartphone Processors Ranking 2022 Ranking, and they are able to capture the first position with Newly launched Snapdragon 888. Qualcomm is making the best processor for android mobiles. They recently announced their next Generation Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 that is also made by a 5nm process and in build 5G Modem. Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 is the Android Best Processor in 2022 January.

    MediaTek recently has done great work with their Dimensity 5G mobile Processor line that launched soc in almost every price segment. MediaTek Dimensity 1000 Plus is the best Mediatek processor in 2022. According to leaks, there are ready to launch the next Processor based on a 6nm processor in the upcoming month.

    Qualcomm and Mediatek are two companies with the highest number of processors in the best mobile processor list 2022 January because they are making Processors for every Smartphone manufactures. They are the manufacture of the android best processor.

    While Apple, Huawei, and Samsung, only made Processor for their own smartphones. Samsung Sometimes also Export Exynos Processor. Samsung is going to launch the new Samsung Galaxy S21 series on

    January 14 2021 with the new Exynos 2100 Processor. According to leaks First time in history Exynos can outperform Snapdragon in Geekbench. New Exynos 2100 has almost the same CPU set up As Snapdragon 888 has but with a better-clocked speed. Check out Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 vs Exynos 2100 comparison. Samsung’s best processor phone is Exynos 2100 followed by Exynos 1080.

    Huawei recently launched Mate 40 line with their first 5nm processor Huawei Hisilicon Kirin 9000 and 9000E both are very powerful processors going to feature in upcoming premium Huawei smartphones they can produce enough processors before the stock end because of the US Ban.

    Best Smartphone Processors Ranking | Mobile processor ranking 2020

    Best mobile Processors 2022 January

    Here is the best mobile Processor list 2022 January that is based on their Specification, Benchmark score, real-life uses. We also gave every processor a Dope Score (Higher is Better ) for faster analysis.

    Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 is able to outperform all processors. But in this Best mobile Processor list 2022 January is the comparison of all processors in every price segment that make it difficult if you want to buy a budget or mid-range smartphone that going to the featured different processor and going to have completely different specs and benchmark.

    phone processor ranking | Mobile processor ranking
    RankingProcessorDope ScoreAnTuTu 8Geekbench 5CoresClock**5G
    1Snapdragon 888978478681226/37398 (1+3+4)2840MhzSnapdragon X60
    2A14 Bionic965845961567/38596(2+4)3100MhzSnapdragon X55
    3Exynos 2100897316711091/37828 (1+3+4)2900 MhzYes
    4Snapdragon 87085647784963/33948 (1+3+4)3200 MhzSnapdragon X55
    5Kirin 9000876936051013/36608(1+3+4)3130MhzBalong 5000
    6A13 Bionic874665041317 / 34436 (2+4)2660 MhzNo
    7Snapdragon 865 Plus89616315971 / 35078 (1+3+4)3100 MhzSnapdragon X55
    8Exynos 108088693600922/27238 (1+3+4)2800 MhzYes
    9Dimensity 1200621708984/33608 (1+3+4)3000MhzYes
    10Snapdragon 86587539497920 / 34438 (1+3+4)2840 MhzSnapdragon X55
    11Kirin 9000E86655788982/36068(1+3+4)3130MhzBalong 5000
    12Dimensity 1100581894925/31988(4+4)1600MHzYes
    13Dimensity 1000 Plus81531037787 / 31048 (4+4)2600 MhzYes
    14Exynos 99081518287937 / 26968 (2+2+4)2730 MhzYes
    15Snapdragon 855 Plus80470292780 / 28008 (1+3+4)2960 MhzSnapdragon X50 5G
    16Kirin 990 (5G)78491502757 / 30628 (2+2+4)2860 MhzYes
    17Dimensity 100078505125786 / 30028 (4+4)2600 MhzYes
    18Exynos 982575445465756 / 24018 (2+2+4)2730 MhzYes
    19Snapdragon 85574421895732 / 25908 (1+3+4)2840 MhzSnapdragon X50 5G
    20A12 Bionic743952401120 / 28756 (2+4)2490 MhzNo
    21Kirin 990 (4G)72424862731 / 30138 (2+2+4)2860 MhzNo
    22Exynos 982072390990835 / 22988 (2+2+4)2700 MhzNo
    23Kirin 98571379364– / –8 (1+3+4)2580 MhzBalong 5000
    24Dimensity 82071413460644 / 21398 (4+4)2600 MhzYes
    25Snapdragon 768G71362605689 / 19548 (1+1+6)2800 MhzYes
    26Kirin 98071393754694 / 24548 (2+2+4)2600 MhzNo
    27Kirin 82069371549630 / 24658 (1+3+4)2360 MhzBalong 5000
    28Snapdragon 84566356003437 / 17358 (4+4)2800 MhzNo
    29Dimensity 1000L65333819– / –8 (4+4)2600 MhzYes
    30Snapdragon 765G62311583584 / 17708 (1+1+6)2400 MhzYes
    31Exynos 981062312487669 / 19908 (4+4)2900 MhzNo
    32Exynos 98061326745696 / 18338 (2+6)2200 MhzExynos 5123
    33Snapdragon 76561281082474 / 17718 (1+1+6)2300 MhzSnapdragon X52
    34Snapdragon 750G60332443630 / 17998 (2+6)2200 MhzSnapdragon X52
    35Dimensity 800U61322796629 / 19108 (2+6)2400 MhzYes
    36Dimensity 80061312546540 / 21648 (4+4)2000 MhzYes
    37Snapdragon 69061317789629 / 18038 (2+6)2000 MhzSnapdragon X51
    38Kirin 81060316302610 / 19908 (2+6)2200 MhzNo
    39A11 Bionic58310386910 / 23196 (2+4)2390 MhzNo
    40Snapdragon 732G58282235566 / 17938 (2+6)2300 MhzNo
    41Exynos 88058282722644 / 18008 (2+6)2000 MhzExynos 5123
    42Snapdragon 83556277207388 / 17158 (4+4)2450 MhzNo
    43Snapdragon 720G55270544562 / 16878 (2+6)2300 MhzNo
    44Snapdragon 730G55277577539 / 17028 (2+6)2200 MhzNo
    45Dimensity 70053295664535/16958 (2+6)2200 MhzYes
    46Dimensity 72052295161521 / 17088 (2+6)2000 MhzYes
    47Snapdragon 73052249669539 / 17748 (2+6)2200 Mhz
    48Snapdragon 48045295964417/15638 (2+6)2000 MhzYes
    49Helio G9548299578516 / 16298 (2+6)2050 MhzNo
    50A10 Fusion48247068776 / 14104 (2+2)2340 Mhz
    51Helio G90T48279578495 / 16188 (2+6)2050 Mhz
    52Helio G9047222964509 / 16348 (2+6)2000 Mhz
    53Snapdragon 71247223503401 / 15018 (2+6)2300 Mhz
    54Snapdragon 678227453464/13988 (2+6)2200 Mhz
    55Kirin 97046228248384 / 13458 (4+4)2360 Mhz
    56Helio X3046286 / 132510 (2+4+4)2600 Mhz
    57Snapdragon 71045214174385 / 14398 (2+6)2200 Mhz
    58Helio P9544207315399 / 14788 (2+6)2200 Mhz
    59Snapdragon 67044176567342 / 13228 (2+6)2000 Mhz
    60Exynos 889043364 / 12928 (4+4)2300 Mhz
    61Exynos 961142178362321 / 11868 (4+4)2300 Mhz
    62Snapdragon 82042315 / 7964 (2+2)2150 Mhz
    63Snapdragon 67542202727419 / 13728 (2+6)2000 Mhz
    64Exynos 889542174902376 / 15638 (4+4)2314 Mhz
    65Helio G8541204775346 / 12578 (2+6)2000 Mhz
    66Helio G8041200535346 / 12858 (2+6)2000 Mhz
    67Exynos 960941182318327 / 12408 (4+4)2200 Mhz
    68Helio P6540183163347 / 12748 (2+6)2000 Mhz
    69Exynos 7884B40– / –8 (2+6)1560 Mhz
    70Kirin 96040213854376 / 15618 (4+4)2360 Mhz
    71Helio P9040215283389 / 14568 (2+6)2200 Mhz
    72Helio G7039191595356 / 12578 (2+6)2000 Mhz
    73Apple A939169075540 / 9932 (2)1850 Mhz
    74Kirin 95039335 / 12668 (4+4)2400 Mhz
    75Kirin 95539342 / 10898 (4+4)2500 Mhz
    76Helio P7038188631296 / 13958 (4+4)2100 Mhz
    77Snapdragon 82138173757335 / 7354 (2+2)2342 Mhz
    78Exynos 787238– / –6 (2+4)2000 Mhz
    79Snapdragon 66238179059314 / 14198 (4+4)2000 Mhz
    80Snapdragon 66538142890315 / 13538 (4+4)2000 Mhz
    81Exynos 961038171808336 / 11368 (4+4)2300 Mhz
    82Exynos 85037117064150 / 9008 (8)2000 Mhz
    83Helio P6037168816269 / 11108 (4+4)2000 Mhz
    84Snapdragon 63037174 / 9788 (4+4)2200 Mhz
    85Snapdragon 63637145700274 / 11278 (4+4)1800 Mhz
    86Kirin 710F36166518321 / 13208 (4+4)2200 Mhz
    87Helio P2236– / –8 (8)2000 Mhz
    88Snapdragon 42936– / –4 (4)1950 Mhz
    89Snapdragon 62536171 / 10218 (8)2000 Mhz
    90Kirin 71035155825329 / 11788 (4+4)2200 Mhz
    91Snapdragon 46035147718255 / 12678 (4+4)1800 Mhz
    92Snapdragon 66035155589330 / 13088 (4+4)2200 Mhz
    93Helio G3530106993174 / 9898 (8)2300 Mhz
    94Kirin 65934194 / 8658 (4+4)2360 Mhz
    95Kirin 65834189 / 8308 (4+4)2350 Mhz
    96Exynos 788034144 / 9078 (8)1900 Mhz
    97Exynos 787033– / –8 (8)1600 Mhz
    98Exynos 788533136250315 / 10358 (4+4)2200 Mhz
    99Kirin 65533171 / 8298 (4+4)2120 Mhz
    100Exynos 790433106790270 / 9938 (2+6)1800 Mhz
    101Helio G252789164135 / 4718 (8)2000 Mhz
    102Helio X2031265 / 80510 (2+4+4)2100 Mhz
    103Kirin 65031167 / 7868 (4+4)2000 Mhz
    104Snapdragon 65031267 / 8186 (2+4)1800 Mhz
    105Helio P2031171 / 8508 (8)2300 Mhz
    106Snapdragon 63231119603264 / 10358 (4+4)1800 Mhz
    107Snapdragon 80129– / –4 (4)2500 Mhz
    108Snapdragon 43029174 / 9948 (8)1400 Mhz
    109Snapdragon 4392887765177 / 8068 (8)2000 Mhz
    110Kirin 93528– / –8 (4+4)2200 Mhz
    111Exynos 757028– / –4 (4)1400 Mhz
    112Helio P352893589170 / 9608 (8)2300 Mhz
    113Exynos 742027110913256 / 8648 (4+4)2100 Mhz
    114Kirin 93026– / –8 (4+4)2000 Mhz
    115Snapdragon 4502687716149 / 9488 (8)1800 Mhz
    116Snapdragon 43526124 / 5738 (8)1400 Mhz
    117Snapdragon 6522597125255 / 9788 (4+4)1800 Mhz
    118Snapdragon 42524125 / 4104 (4)1400 Mhz
    119Helio A222479860161 / 5394 (4)2000 Mhz
    120MediaTek MT675323117 / 6048 (8)1300 Mhz
    121MediaTek MT675023122 / 4978 (4+4)1500 Mhz
    122MediaTek MT673922– / –4 (4)1500 Mhz
    123MediaTek MT673721129 / 4354 (4)1300 Mhz
    124MediaTek MT658016– / –4 (4)1300 Mhz

    we will be going to categorize this mobile processor list 2022 January into 4 categories based on Price, performance, benchmark, and specs.

    Top 10 Budget Processor 2022 January

    In the Top 10 Budget Processor list, we will find out Processor that is targeting Processor that is targeting smartphone under 10000 OR $150. In this Mediatek and Qualcomm are dominating this List.

    ProcessorAntutu ScoreDope Score
    Snapdragon 46014771835
    Helio G3510699330
    Helio G258916427
    Helio P2236
    Snapdragon 4398776528
    Snapdragon 42936
    Exynos 85011706437
    Helio P359358928
    Snapdragon 4508771626
    Helio A227986024

    Top 10 smartphone processor (10k to 25k) Midrange

    In the Top 10 Midrange Processor List, there are many processors from Samsung, Qualcomm, MediaTek, and Huawei. Every processor is powerful enough to handle any task, even they are packed 5G modem and made on a 7nm process.

    ProcessorAntutu Score Dope Score
    Snapdragon 69031778961
    Dimensity 72029516152
    Snapdragon 732G28223558
    Snapdragon 720G27054455
    Snapdragon 730G27757755
    Dimensity 70029566453
    Helio G9529957848
    Helio G90T27957848
    Helio G9022296447
    Helio P9520731542

    Upper Midrange Mobile processor ranking (Over 30K or $400)

    Because of the 5G Modem, high-end Mobile Processor is getting expensive. Because of that flagship Smartphone Price also increased and make a big gap between the High-end and Midrange Smartphone segments. To capture, this category Companies launched some powerful Processor in this category that has all the best features from the company.

    Processor Antutu ScoreDope Score
    Exynos 108069360088
    Dimensity 1100581894
    Dimensity 1000505125
    Dimensity 82041346071
    Snapdragon 768G36260571
    Kirin 98039375471
    Kirin 82037154969
    Dimensity 1000L33381965
    Snapdragon 765G31158362
    Exynos 98032674561
    Snapdragon 750G33244360
    Dimensity 800U32279661
    Upper Midrange Mobile processor ranking (Over 30K or $400)

    High processor Mobile List 2022 January

    Best Mobile Processor in 2022 January, that is the list where every processor company is fighting for. Apple has an A-series Processor that is a long history of dominating the mobile Chipset Market, but it is only available for iPhone. That makes it difficult to compare other processors because Apple Software and hardware integration make it very faster but on the Specs sheet they look very weak. Where Qualcomm is ruling the Andriod Smartphone market and they Sale their Processor for every smartphone make (Except Huawei) and tablet maker. Every Smartphone performs best and is able to compete with any processor. Here is the High processor Mobile List 2022 January

    #ProcessorDope ScoreAnTuTu 8
    1Snapdragon 88897847868
    2A14 Bionic96584596
    3Exynos 210089731671
    4Snapdragon 87085647784
    5Kirin 900087693605
    6Snapdragon 865 Plus89616315
    7Dimensity 120087621708
    8Exynos 108088693600
    9A13 Bionic87466504
    10Kirin 9000E86655788
    Best Mobile processor list 2021 infographic Dopetech | top 100 mobile processor

    Mobile processor ranking Based on Company

    Here you can find out Best Snapdragon Processor list 2022 January, Best MediaTek Processor, Best Kirin Processor, Best Exynos Processor, and Best Apple Processor

    1A14 BionicSnapdragon 888Dimensity 1000 PlusExynos 1080Kirin 9000
    2A13 BionicSnapdragon 865 PlusDimensity 1000Exynos 990Kirin 9000E
    3A12 BionicSnapdragon 865Dimensity 1000 Plus LExynos 9825Kirin 990 (5G)
    4A11 BionicSnapdragon 855 plusDimensity 820Exynos 9820Kirin 990 (4G)
    5A10 FusionSnapdragon 855Dimensity 800UExynos 9810
    Kirin 985

    Top Processor-based CPU, GPU

    The Best Mobile Processor List 2022 January is based on all technical aspects of a processor. But in this List, we will find out the best processors in individual specs like Best CPU, GPU, Gaming, Connectivity, and many more.

    CPUSnapdragon 888A14 BionicExynos 2100
    GPUA14 BionicSnapdragon 888Exynos 2100
    NPUSnapdragon 888A14 BionicExynos 2100
    SizeA14 Bionic (5nm)Snapdragon 888 (5nm)Exynos 2100 (5nm)
    5GSnapdragon 888 (X60)Exynos 2100Snapdragon X55
    GamingSnapdragon 888A14 BionicExynos 2100

    Based On Geekbench and Antutu Score

    if your love number then this list is based on processor benchmark Score on Geekbench and Antutu.

    Antutu ScoreGeekbench Score
    1Snapdragon 888 (847868)A14 Bionic (1567/3859)
    2Exynos 2100
    A13 Bionic
    3Exynos 1080Snapdragon 888
    4Kirin 900Exynos 2100
    5Snapdragon 865 PlusKirin 9000

    Smartphone Buying Guide

    If You are confused when you buy a smartphone and worry about Processor performance then this Smartphone Buying Guide based on Processor is going to help You.

    1. CPU – First Find out CPU’s Primary core is its Clocked Speed is higher and based on which generation.  ARM X1 Prime > A78 > A77 > A76
    2. GPU – Qualcomm has Adreno series GPU and their Lastest GPU Is Adreno 660 in Snapdragon 888. In Qualcomm, a higher Number is better if two processors have the same GPU than check GPU Frequency and Core. Mediatek, Samsung, Huawei has Mali GPU and their latest version is Mali G78 and here also the greater number is better, and also Check their Core, and Frequency. 
    3. Size – This is a very important part of the Processor if Chipset has a smaller manufacturing Process than it will perform better and consume less power and produce less heat. A smaller number is better. 5nm > 7nm > 8nm> ..
    4. 5G Modem– For Qualcomm 5G modem that most of Andriod and Apple uses. Snapdragon X60 is their best 5G modem follow by X55. Snapdragon X60 > X55 > X52 > X51 for Mediatek, Samsung, Huawei they using the best 5G Modem in their flagship Processor.

    Mobile Phones with Best Processor

    Snapdragon 888A14 BionicExynos 2100Kirin 9000Dimensity 1000+
    S21 SeriesIphone 12 S21 SeriesMate 40 SeriesReno5 Pro
    One Plus 9Iphone 12 ProNote 21 SeriesHuawei P50 SeriesRealme X7 Pro
    Mi 11Ipad Air 4Redmi K30 Ultra
    Mobile Phones with Best Processor

    Best Mobile processor ranking 2022 January FAQ

    Common FAQ for best mobile processor list 2022 January

    Which is the best processor for mobile in Best Mobile processor ranking 2020?
    Apple A14 Bionic tops the mobile processor ranking List.
    Which Ghz processor is best for mobile?
    3.1 GHz in Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus, A14 Bionic, Kirin 9000
    Mobile Processor Ranking list 2020, Highest Antutu Score?
    Snapdragon 865 Plus top the phone processor ranking 2022 list. with the highest 693605 Antutu Score.
    Highest CPU frequency in Smartphone Processors Ranking 2022 January?
    3.1 GHz in SD 865 Plus, A14 Bionic, Kirin 9000
    best mobile processor list 2022 January?
    The best mobile processor list 2022 January is above and for now Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 is the best. Also, it is the best Andriod Best Processor 2022 January.
    Which is the android latest processor?
    Android’s latest processor 2021 January is Snapdragon 888.
    Which is the best processor for smartphones?
    Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 is the best Processor for smartphones.
     What is the fastest smartphone in 2021 January?
    iPhone 12 pro max is the fastest smartphone in 2021
    Which is the better processor Kirin or snapdragon?
    Snapdragon is a better processor than Kirin
    Which mobile processor is best in 2019?
    Apple A13 Bionic and Snapdragon 855 plus is the Best processor in 2019
    Which chipset is best MediaTek or snapdragon?
    Qualcomm has a better processor compared to Mediatek. But in recent years Mediatek launched some good processors in the budget, midrange, and high-end segments. Both are manufacture of the android best processor.
    Which one tops the Best mobile processor list 2020?
    A14 Bionic tops the Best mobile processor list 2020
    android latest processor?
    Sd 888 is the android latest processor 2021
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    59 Chinese App Ban List|Chinese App Alternative in India 2020 | TikTok Alternative | Shareit Alternative

    Best chinese app alternative 2020

    Why we must have to use the Chinese App Alternative in India? Chinese Apps dominating India App ecosystem, You can see on google play store every app or game chart they are dominating. But the problem is the Chinese App collects user Data and sends back to China. In China, you have to share data with the Government. Like Mi Browser recently caught stealing user data in incognito mode and sending back to China.

    India is the biggest user of the Tiktok app, and they are sending your draft video to the china server and without your knowing they are using your location when you turn it off via SIM card. Google app blocks some of the apps like Cheetah Mobile’s apps and mobile games removed from the Google Play store. But there are still many App. So in this article, we will find out the best Chinese app Alternative in India.

    Lets Starts essential Smartphone uses like the Phone app, messages, and Browsers

    1. Change your Default Phone App

    If you want to start looking for the best Chinese App alternative in India than start with a basic App Like Phone App. if you are using Chinese smartphone companies like Xiaomi, Vivo, One Plus, Oppo, Realme, and Huawei, Please change your Default Phone to Google Phone if your Phone supports, if not you can use true caller as your default dialer app. Xiaomi Promised that they are going to use google Phone as a default dialer app. Please install the Google contact app also. After that, go to app info and Stop every permission to default the Chinese dealer app. Here is the best Chinese App Alternative in India for making calls.

    Change your Default Phone App
    Chinese App Alternative in india
    How to Block Every Access to Chinese App

    Install – Google Phone app / Jio Dialer / True Caller

    2. Change Your default Messaging App

    Like I said in Chinese Company, they also have there messing App install, so Change it to Google Message app make it default. After that, go to the app info of the Chinese messing App and go to the app info to stop every permission.

    Change Your default Messaging App

    Install – Google message / Truecaller / SMS Organizer-Microsoft

    3. Default Internet Browser

    Their main issue starts every they can steal your login id and password, track your website visit even in incognito mode. Apps are Like UC browser, Mi browser, and Smartphone company preinstall browser. Please stop it and start using the Chrome app and make it default browser. After that, Go to the App info and end every permission to the App.
    You can also use the Indian web browser like EPIC – Indian Web Browser Chinese App Alternative in india.

    Install – Chrome / Jio Browser/EPIC / Firefox/Edge

    4. Stop using App Like WeChat

    If you still one of the few people in India who is using WeChat, stop using it and move to Telegram or WhatsApp.

    Install – Telegram or WhatsApp

    Social Media Alternative

    1. Best Tiktok Alternative

    One thing you can’t trust in Tik Tok is privacy, and this is a major concern. There is a lot of allegation because of data-stealing, using location after you don’t give them permission, and many more. In the USA, FTC investigates TikTok because they cannot take down videos made by 12-year-old children. Bytedance owns Tiktok, and they accused of data sharing with the Chinese Government.

    Best Tiktok Alternative in indiia 2020

    If you want to use Tiktok Alternative than you can use Triller. Triller is the best Tiktok Alternative and it is California based company, and you can create Videos like TikTok. Triller is famous among celebs like Justin Bieber, Kevin hart. Triller has AI-based video editing, 100 filters, and you can duet. Triller is the best TikTok alternative present in the market. You can use Roposo for the Chinese App Alternative in India.

    Install Best Tiktok Alternative – Triller / Roposo / Youtube/Instagram

    2. Best Helo Alternative App

    Indian Consulting Group takes an investigation on Help ad find out this App wants access to your microphone and camera, which they don’t need it because Help is a platform where you can discover viral content and share with your friends and family.

    If you want to use Helo App Alternative than, you can use sharechat. Sharechat is the best Chinese App Alternative in India is an Indian company that also offers 15 languages and has a strict content policy.

    Install – Sharechat

    Adobe Scan – Best CamScanner Alternative

    Previously removed from the play store due to finding malicious Trojan Horde inside the code that able to download the Malicious module depend on what the user does. As a CamScanner alternative, you can use Adobe Scan. This App is from one of the biggest software company Adobe. There is some other Best CamScanner Alternative like Doc Scanner / Microsoft lens.

    Install – Adobe scan / Doc Scanner / Microsoft lens

    Proton VPN / Nord VPN- Best Turbo VPN Alternative

    Turbo VPN is very pulpier due to free of cost and gives you unlimited data and no speed limit. There is some issue with the privacy Policy. Best Turbo VPN Alternative, You can use Proton VPN if you want to use a free VPN. You can use Nord VPN as Best Turbo VPN Alternative.

    Install – Proton VPN / Nord VPN

    Norton App Lock – Turbo VPN Alternative

    Applock Abe to access your microphone and camera. You can use Norton App lock as AppLock Alternative or use CPL launcher where the app lock is inbuild.

    Install – Norton App Lock

    KineMaster/Adobe Premium Rush/ – VivaVideo Alternative

    VivaVideo App is a video editing app, and it is from a Chinese spyware company. VivaVideo app is blocked by the Indian Government back in 2017 due to spying. You can use Adobe premium Rush, Kine master, Flimic pro.

    Install – KineMaster / Adobe Premium Rush / Powerdirect / Filmic pro / Filmora

    Beauty Camera alternative –

    You can use Candy Camera, and Youcam perfect. you need the best photo editing app they try Google Snapseed, Adobe Lightroom, and Adobe Photoshop.

    Install – B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera / LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects

    Best Shareit Alternative in 2020 –

    Shareit is full of bloated with an ad, Popup, and feature that is not necessary. Best Shareit Alternative in 2020 You can use Google Files app that secure, clean. If you want to use Indian Shareit alternative than use JioSwith or share all.

    Install – Google File / Jioswitch / Shareall

    Full List Chinese App Alternative In India 2020

    Full List Chinese App Alternative In India 2020

    Full List Chinese App Alternative In India 2020
    Chinese AppChinese App AlternativeIndian Version
    1. TikTok/Helo/LikeeTrillerRoposoYoutube/Instagram
    2. Default Phone AppGoogle PhoneJio DialerTrue Caller
    3. Default message AppGoogle messageTruecallerSMS Organizer-Microsoft
    4. Default File AppGoogle fileFile Manager-Motorola
    5. Default browser/UC browserChromeJio Browser/EPICFirefox/Edge
    6. Default Gallery APPGoogle PhotoGallery Go
    7. Shareit/xenderGoogle FileJioswitch/Shareall
    7. CamscannerAdobe scanDoc ScannerMicrosoft lens
    8. ZoomGoogle MeetSay namasteMicrosoft team
    9. U-dictionaryEnglish -Hindi Dictionary
    10. Paraell SpaceApp ClonerDual Apps, Multiple App Cloner
    Clone App – App Cloner & Dual App
    11. Viva VideoAdobe Premium RushPowerdirector/Filmic pro/Filmora
    12. beauty PlusB612 – Beauty & Filter CameraLightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects
    13. ClubfactorySnapdeal/AmazonFlipkart/Myntra/Tata Cliq
    14. AlibabaIndiamart

    Chinese Apps Red-Flagged by Indian Security Agencies(New June 2020)

    if you are still using these app please delete it because Indian Security Agencies Red-Flagged Chinese Apps

    TikTokROMWEDU Browser
    Vault-HideSHEINDU Cleaner
    Vigo VideoNewsDogDU Privacy
    Bigo LivePhoto WonderClean Master – Cheetah
    WeiboAPUS BrowserCacheClear DU apps studio
    WeChatVivaVideo- QU Video IncBaidu Translate
    SHAREitPerfect CorpBaidu Map
    UC NewsCM BrowserWonder Camera
    UC BrowserVirus Cleaner (Hi Security Lab)ES File Explorer
    BeautyPlusMi CommunityQQ International
    XenderDU recorderQQ Launcher
    ClubFactoryYouCam MakeupQQ Security Centre
    HeloMi StoreQQ Player
    LIKE360 SecurityQQ Music
    KwaiDU Battery SaverQQ Mail
    Mi Video call-XiaomiClash of KingsQQ NewsFeed
    Parallel SpaceMail MasterWeSync

    59 Chinese App Ban List

    Here is the list of recently 59 Chinese App Ban List from GOVT. India

    59 Chinese App Ban and there alternative


    Which app is from China?
    Tikto, Helo, Turbo VPN, shareit, xender
    Which app is banned in India?
    Is Helo a Chinese app?
    Is Likee app Indian?
    Which country banned TikTok?
    Malaysia, Bangladesh and now Pakistan. US Army can’t use Tiktok.
    Why is Vidmate banned?
    because it download video from youtube.
    How harmful is VidMate?
    becasse it is not avilable in Play store many hacker modify Apk with malware.
    Is Truecaller banned in India?
    No, Army can’t use this app.
    Is Tik Tok from China?
    Yes, that why you have to delete it.
    Is b612 Chinese app?

    Please Share this Article with Your Family So they Know About it

    Google Pixel 4a camera review before Official Launch

    Google Pixel 4a Geekbench Score Leaked - Daily Tech News 3 May 2020

    If you’ve Keeping eyes on Google Pixel 4a, then you know a hands-on Video was uploaded online two months ago. Cuban Youtube somehow gets hands-on Fully functional Google Pixel 4a prototype. A couple of days ago, this Youtube also Post Google Pixel 4a vs Redmi Note 7 Camera comparison Sample on Twitter. Now he uploads that Google Pixel 4a Camera Review and this reveals a lot of Specs.

    The first thing we have to know that Google Pixel 4a is not launched yet. Google Pixel 4a launch date is not confirmed, but it may be launched later this month.

    Google Pixel 4a Camera Review

    Google Pixel 4a Camera sample

    This video is not in English, and you don’t have to understand. You can’t judge Google Pixel 4a camera sample by simply watching this video because there are compressed. But this blogger also wrote an article and uploaded Google Pixel 4a camera Review sample on Google Photos. Where we analysis all images because of uncompressed quality.

    Google Pixel 4a Camera sample will be far superior to these because of last-minute google camera App launched and optimisation. Google Pixel 4a will have a single 12 MP rear camera. That ability to create photos like bokeh effects, Google HDR and noise reduction and last Night Sight mode. All Google Pixel 4a camera sample is not top quality, you can see low brightness, Blur. But we can hope that new software can solve this because this is a prototype smartphone. Pixel 4a 8 Mp selfie shooter able to capture exceptional detail and decent Bokeh.

    Google Pixel 4a Camera Sample

    40 new photos added to shared album

    Google Pixel 4a Vs iPhone SE

    We already know that Google Pixel 4a will be midrange smartphone with mid-range specs like 5.8 inch OLED display, Snapdragon 730, unto 6GB RAM, and 3000mAh battery. Google Pixel 4a Price will around $399 category like New Blazing Fast iPhone SE 2020 if we compare Google Pixel 4a vs iPhone SE than the main difference will be the performance. Snapdragon 730 can’t beat the Apple A13. As for the camera comparison between that, we have wait for the official launch.

    You can Google Pixel 4a Vs iPhone SE 2020 full compression Here.

    Google Pixel 4a Geekbench Score Daily Tech News 3 May 2020

    1. G oogle Pixel 4a Geekbench Score Leaked – Daily Tech News 3 May 2020 Google Pixel 4a leaked again, and this time it pops up on Geekbench. Google Pixel 4a Geekbench score for single 2569 and multi-Core 6366. Google Pixel 4a Geekbench listing as the code name of ‘Sunfish’.

    Daily Tech News 28 April 2020 – DopeTech News

    Daily Tech News 28 April 2020 - DopeTech News

    Here You can Find Every Daily Tech News 28 April 2020 in the world in a single Post. Have you any suggestions please lets us know in Comment.

    1. Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 5G Leaks with Price and camera Set UP – Daily Tech News 28 April

    Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Image leaked and its new design

    Samsung Galaxy Fold is the most innovative smartphone from last year. The company will launch Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 5G this year. Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 leaks start popping up around the internet.

    Today Ross Young( Display Supply Chain Consultants) says that Samsung will use a new upgraded Triple camera set up in Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. The new camera sensor of Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will be the same as we have seen in Samsung Galaxy S20 Series.

    Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Price and Launch date

    There are a lot of Rumours around the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 launch date, but due to the Covid-19 situation, this is not confirmed yet or maybe change. Ross expects that Samsung Galaxy Fold two launch with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 in August Unpacked Event. Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Price will be around $1700 to $1900.


    2. iPhone 12 mass Production delayed iPhone 12 5G models could get in-display Touch ID – Daily Tech News 28 April

    iPhone 12 mass Production delayed iPhone 12 5G models could get in-display Touch ID - Daily Tech News 28 April

    Apple iPhone 12 mass production is delayed by 1 Month die to recent Covid-19. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple iPhone 12 launch event will happen at the end of October as usual. Wall Street Journal also claims that Apple cut 20% of production from July to the end of 2020.
    Ming-Chi Kuo also Claims that iPhone 12 Mass Production will deed for1 Month.

    Apple iPhone 12 will be the completely new iPhone with new Designs like iPad Pro. Apple iPhone 12 will comes with three new display sizes and a smaller notch. There will a New Apple iPhone 12 5G version that may have Indisply Finger Print Sensor. Like New iPad Pro 2020, Apple iPhone 12 will also add a LiDAR sensor. Apple iPhone 12 powered by 5nm Apple A14 Chip. Apple iPhone 12 Price will be higher than the iPhone 11 Series.


    Daily Tech News 27 April 2020 – DopeTech News

    Daily tech news 27 April 2020

    Here You can Find Every Daily Tech News 27 April 2020 in the world in a single Post. Have you any suggestions please lets us know in Comment.

    1. iPhone SE 2020 Comes with iPhone 8 Motherboard – Daily Tech News 27 April

    Wenzhou Ao Technology uploads full Teardown of New iPhone SE 2020 and compares with iPhone 8 and as expected there is a lot of similarity between them.

    In This Video, we saw that iPhone SE 2020 and iPhone 8 both are identical and the same motherboard and hardware except New A13 Bionic Chip and New Battery connecter. The Host goes further and interchange Motherboard, battery, screen, and camera everything works fine except the front camera. Because of this hardware and similar design Apple able to Put $399 price of New iPhone SE 2020.

    2. MIUI 12 And MI 10 Youth Edition Going to Launch Today Watch NowDaily Tech News 27 April

    Xiaomi going to Launch MIUI 12 and MI 10 Youth Edition in china Today. We already know that MI 10 Youth Edition is the rebranded version of MI 10 Lite 5G in Europe.

    They will be announced MIUI 12 with MI 10 Youth Edition and this will be the first smartphone shipped with new UI. As of Report MIUI, 12 will be available for 40 Device just after the launch event. You can check our Top 10 MIUI 12 Feature.

    3. POCO F2 PRO will be Rebranded Redmi K30 Pro(Not ZOOM) – Daily Tech News 27 April

    POCO F2 PRO will be Rebranded Redmi K30 Pro(Not ZOOM)

    As we know Xiaomi Going to launch POCO F2 Series. There are lots of information start leaking online. Today screenshot of Official google listing leaked by Mukul Sharma.

    As we see in this screenshot Xiaomi going to launch Redmi K30 Pro(Not Zoom) Version as POCO F2 Pro in some smartphone-like India. This will be the 3rd Poco Device leaked. Poco F1 Successor the Poco F2 already confirmed. There will be 3 Poco Device one with the IPS-LCD display.

    4. Here’s a List of Xiaomi/ Redmi SmartPhones That Will Get the MIUI 12 Update – Daily Tech News 27 April

    Here is the Full List

    List of Xiaomi SmartPhones That Will Get the MIUI 12 Update

    privacy protection certification and test. MIUI 12 device list is here, and a lot of old smartphones are also going to taste the new MIUI 12 Update.

    5. LG Velvet Image Leaks packed with Fast 10W Wireless Charging – Daily Tech News 27 April

    LG Velvet wireless charging

    LG Velvet keeps leaking online and lasts leaks it about its fast 10W wireless charger, which is just certified and leaked. LG Velvet Wireless charger is a power class 0 receiver.

    LG Velvet will be a mid-range smartphone with some unique design. LG Velvet will be packed with a triple camera set up. Primary sensor will be 48MP + 5MP depth + 8MP ultrawide and 16MP front sensor. LG also confirms that the New LG Velvet will be IP68 certified. LG Velvet packed with a new Snapdragon 765G chipset.

    LG Velvet price will be around $500 to $700 category.

    Source | Via

    6. Google Pixel Buds 2 on Sale and Google Pixel Buds App Available for Download – Daily Tech News 27 April

    Google Pixel Buds 2 on Sale and Google Pixel Buds App Available for Download

    B&H listed new Google Pixel Buds 2 gain, and this time Google Pixel Buds 2 sale is and live. Google Pixel Buds Shipping sate is not confirmed yet. Google Pixel Buds Clearly White is available for order now.

    Google Pixel Buds App is available for download on Play Store. Google Pixel Buds app size is around 11MB, and it is available for Android 6 or Higher. Google Pixel Buds app is available as an update for Google Pixel 4 Device.

    Here is the Google Pixel Buds App UI

    Source | Source 2

    Top 10 MIUI 12 Features and the Launch date is 27 April

    Top 10 MIUI 12 Fetaures

    Xiaomi MIUI is one of the most popular Android Custom Skin available because of features and available for budget-friendly smartphones also with all features. Last month New Xiaomi MIUI 12 start leaking online and finally, Xiaomi officially announced MIUI 12 launch date with Xiaomi mi 10 Youth edition on April 27. There will be a lot of improvement in New MIUI 12 so we find Top 10 MIUI 12 Features.

    Xiaomi MIUI 12 will be a more minimal, uniform font, new icon, and new Design language throughout the UI. Xiaomi teases MIUI 12 poster that says “Touch the imagination, feel the truth.” 

    There are some new features in MIUI 12 Like Focus mode. A new Screen Time option, display color calibration. Here are the Top 10 MIUI 12 Features

    Top 10 MIUI 12 Features


    One Plus 8 Pro Review is this a True Flagship?

    OnePlus 8 Pro Review is this a True Flagship?

    Finally, the true One Plus Flagship is here is not just a High Price tag, of course, it is, but now I am talking about the experience, the smoothness premium feel. They almost touch every flagship criteria and through all-new hardware possible. In this One Plus 8 Pro Review post we really check it how it performs.

    The new Bleeding edge high-end specs surprise us when we see a new One Plus device. It’s kind of what they’re known for; they have done fantastic work previously at a low price, then why we are excited or new One Plus 8 Pro that is $200 higher than already a powerful, gorgeous One Plus 8.

    one Plus 8 Pro specs sheet

    There are many questions is One Plus 8 Pro is truly a Flagship Premium Smartphone or just a Flagship Killer with high Price Tag with this One Plus 8 Pro Review post we have to check it.

    Design and Build

    We still have a very familiar One Plus design and the same experience. A Gorilla Glass 6 Protected front and back. On the back a huge camera bump with One Plus Logo. The alert slider is my favorite feature in One Plus devices, but I’m surprised more phones haven’t copied Yet.

    one Plus 8 Pro design

    Back is contoured Matte AG glass finishes the design delivers a unique look and feel. Front side a Punch hole cut on the left side of the display that looks amazing and less disturbs you when watching videos.

    They always tend to leave out little features that don’t feel essential, but this year with One Plus 8 Pro, they finally add IP68 certification and wireless charging.

    One Plus 8 Pro Display

    When you get around to the front, and you’re looking at the new Gorgeous, Smooth, color-accurate AMOLED display, which upgraded in every way that counts from last year One plus 7 Pro display.

    one Plus 8 Pro display

    So this is a 6.78″ QHD+ Curved display and 120 Hz refresh rate and 240Hz touch sampling. This display is a piece of art with 10-bit Colour, and Display Mate says it’ t their most color-accurate display ever with an A+ rating.

    The color is excellent, calibration is excellent, and one of the favorite things is a lot of brightness, which is excellent. With a 120 Hz refresh rate and a 240Hz touch sampling rate, this display is one of the best displays on the smartphone. You can use 120Hz at QHD resolution, or you can use the 60Hz option to save battery.

    When you use QHD resolution with 120Hz at the expense of battery. The high refresh rate is not constant.

    It is the variable refresh rate and steps down to 60Hz. When you’re just sitting around not doing anything, or on Home screen and some app that does not support 120Hz.

    There is still an optical fingerprint reader underneath that screen. It doesn’t appear to be any bigger or faster, but still fairly reliable for me.

    yes, The edges are still curved over both sides. And this is my least favorite feature of this display. I still get accidental touches. Like really I realized the idea is it looks cool, and it’s edgeless and futuristic.

    One Plus 8 Pro Processor

    One Plus 8 Pro specs are high end, Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, 12GB LPDDR5 RAM, and UFS 3.0 storage. One Plus 8 Pro is a 5G smartphone because of the X55 modem and supports SA/NSA 5G modes.

    one Plus 8 Pro processor specs

    One Plus 8 Pro is a very smooth smartphone because they use the best processor for Mobile, and they have the best custom ROM Oxygen Os. This Os gives you a near-stock experience. They also add some new features like Always-on-display and new dark theme, live caption, and dynamic wallpaper captain.

    one Plus 8 Pro processor specs

    One Plus 8 Pro support google Stadia out of the box. There is also dedicataed gaming mode called Fnatic mode to eliminate notifications and maximize gaming performance.

    One Plus 8 Pro Camera

    One Plus smartphone always struggles with there camera experience. So in One Plus 8 Pro, there is the quad-camera on the back of the phone with some big numbers.

    One Plus 8 Pro had a new Sony IMX689 48MP camera with OIS. Then there is a 48MP Sony IMX586 ultra-wide sensor with Macro mode. Fun fact, it is the same sensor as the primary camera from the One plus 7 Pro.

    Then there’s the 3X telephoto camera, and believe it or not, the fourth One is a five-megapixel color filter camera.

    one Plus 8 Pro camera comp

    One Plus 8 Pro Camera Produce sharp 12 megapixel images with excellent dynamic range and colors. A bit overexposed. Sometimes that’s where it misses, but generally, these are beautiful photos.

    The night mode is pretty good, which is nice. Optical zoom is 3x, but you can digitally zoom at 30x from that telephoto camera. I don’t think it’s very usable at 30x it’s barely available Galaxy S20 Ultra 100X is still going to be the zoom champ for that sort of range. But 3X Zoom is usable.

    One Plus 8 Pro Camera video is also good, especially with Colour and stabilization at 4k. There is no 8k video recording is here.

    A 16MP selfie sensor produced some excellent images, but it still struggles with proper exposure.

    The camera was the worst part of the phone last year as like some sort of horrific flaw in it when it was like the rest of the phone was so incredibly right that the okay camera was the downside, but, now we’re looking at a flagship quality camera. And One plus has also been notoriously pretty good with updating over time and getting better with camera quality.

    If One Plus 8 Pro Gcam app Mode is not Available now, but when it avialble we’ll inform you via social media and blog post.

    Oxygen Os

    one plus phones have long been some of my favorites precisely because of the software and optimize experience is oxygen OS on top of Android 10. And that’s no exception here for this phone.

    There are tons of little tweaks, and optimizations and improvements, and little tightened up animations all over the place. But it never feels overloaded.

    One Plus 8 Pro Battery and Charging

    One Plus 8 Pro has a big 4510mAh battery. It is not the biggest battery in the world, but it gives you the best battery life possible when Resolution and refresh rate at the highest.

    one Plus 8 Pro FEATURES

    One plus phones are known for having fast charging. This One’s no exception. You still have their high-speed warp charge 30T comes in the box of One Plus 8 Pro. And that can get you from zero to the half battery in like 25 minutes.

    But what’s new is the One Plus 8 Pro wireless charging. Finally, one plus is putting the little charging coil behind the glass back and enabling wireless charging. top of all that even better, it’s fast wireless charging 30W wireless charging is what they’re claiming and sharing with everyone. Which is lovely.

    That’s fast that’s going to pop up from zero to half battery in half an hour. But there’s a catch you only get fast 30W wired charger in the box. The New Warp Charge 30 Wireless price is $70. You need to buy this accessory to get 30W wireless charging on this phone. So one plus has worked on this exclusive high-end wireless charging tech, and to be fair, it works fantastic as advertised.

    One Plus 8 Pro Price and sale

    One Plus 8 Pro Price start at $899 and $999 for 12GB+256GB storage option. One Pluss 8 Pro price in India is not confirmed yet, but it will be around Rs. 68000 to & 75000 depend on storage option.

    One Plus 8 Pro sale starts from 29th April in North America.


    I think One Plus able to crack the code hoe to make a great Premium Flagship Smartphone. In One Plus 8 pro, they just added everything all the hardware is not the only high number but also performs the best.

    The Biggest Improvement in One Plus 8 pro is the camera they just killed it. You still not compare with Google Pixel 4xl or New Iphone 11 but they have done a great job with it.

    One Plus 8 Pro Faq

    One Plus 8 Pro Battery Life at 120Hz
    Around 5 to 6.30h
    One Plus 8 Pro Price In India
    Not confirmed yet
    One Plus 8 Pro Sale in india
    Not confirmed yet
    One Plus 8 pro Gcam Apk
    In a month

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