Best MediaTek processor List 2024 January Updated

Best MediaTek processor list 2020

Mediatek is Taiwan based Semiconductor manufacture. That makes ARM based Mobile Processor, Modem, GPU, and many other chips for smartphone companies like Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Nokia, etc. There are many Processors and in which we will find out the Best MediaTek processor in 2024. Mediatek launched Mobile Soc in every price range, they have 3 processor series like Dimensity, Helio, and MTK ( for a cheap smartphone). We also going to make the best MediaTek processor list 2024 according to their performance, Benchmark, and specs sheet. So we can easily find out the best MediaTek processor ranking in 2024 that will help us to buy our favourite smartphone.

The Dimensity processor series is the MediaTek highest processor in terms of performance, connectivity, graphics, and features. We will also make the best Dimensity processor List 2024. Like Dimensity we will also be going to make a list of the best Helio processors in 2024 for the budget price category. Let’s check out their Ranking in the best MediaTek processor list 2024.

Best MediaTek processor 2020 | Best MediaTek processor list 2021

Best MediaTek processor list 2024

To make the best MediaTek processor list 2024 we compare all processor performance, benchmark, and specs sheet. Let’s find which one tops the best MediaTek processor list 2024. You can also check out the best mobile processor list 2024.

#ProcessorRatingAnTuTu RankingGeekbench 5*CoresClock**
1Dimensity 1000 Plus77477082787 / 27198 (4+4)2600 Mhz
2Dimensity 100077499634786 / 30128 (4+4)2600 Mhz
3Dimensity 82062396846642 / 26298 (4+4)2600 Mhz
4Dimensity 1000C59-/-2000Mhz
5Dimensity 1000L59335859– / –8 (4+4)2600 Mhz
6Dimensity 800U53318602609 / 19108 (2+6)2400 Mhz
7Dimensity 80052314415535 / 21718 (4+4)2000 Mhz
8Dimensity 70049295664535/16918 (4+4)2200Mhz
9Helio G9547292887516 / 16038 (2+6)2050 Mhz
10Dimensity 72048288786506 / 16498 (2+6)2000 Mhz
11Helio G90T46279555495 / 16098 (2+6)2050 Mhz
12Helio G9041222364503 / 16198 (2+6)2000 Mhz
13Helio X3041286 / 134010 (2+4+4)2600 Mhz
14Helio P9538210555399 / 14858 (2+6)2200 Mhz
15Helio P9037218523388 / 14698 (2+6)2200 Mhz
16Helio G8035198680345 / 12808 (2+6)2000 Mhz
17Helio G7034194355354 / 12628 (2+6)2000 Mhz
18Helio P6535183922343 / 12748 (2+6)2000 Mhz
19Helio P7035188454296 / 13958 (4+4)2100 Mhz
20Helio P2234– / –8 (8)2000 Mhz
21Helio G8533192200352 / 12518 (2+6)2000 Mhz
22Helio P6033167976269 / 11208 (4+4)2000 Mhz
23Helio X2029265 / 79510 (2+4+4)2100 Mhz
24Helio P2028171 / 8588 (8)2300 Mhz
25Helio G3527107816174 / 9908 (8)2300 Mhz
26Helio P352594132170 / 9558 (8)2300 Mhz
27Helio G252488564135 / 4718 (8)2000 Mhz
28Helio P2322101598153 / 8488 (4+4)2300 Mhz
29MediaTek MT675021122 / 4968 (4+4)1500 Mhz
30MediaTek MT673921– / –4 (4)1500 Mhz
31MediaTek MT675321117 / 6058 (8)1300 Mhz
32Helio A222179098161 / 5304 (4)2000 Mhz
33MediaTek MT673719129 / 4354 (4)1300 Mhz
34MediaTek MT658015– / –4 (4)1300 Mhz
Best MediaTek processor list 2024

Best MediaTek processor 2024

Mediatek Dimensity series is for the flagship smartphone, it is packed with all the best feature they have. Mediatek Dimensity 1000 Plus is MediaTek’s most powerful processor. But if you looking in the Midrange segment then Dimensity 820, in the budget segment Dimensity 700 and low budget Helio G35. These are the Best MediaTek processor 2024 in the respective price segment. 

Best helio processor in 2024

MediaTek launched many processors under the Helio lineup. Every Helio processor has packed with a powerful CPU and GPU that able to deliver the best performance in daily uses and gaming. If you looking for the best Helio processor in 2024 then the newly launched Helio G95 is the best option with an improved CPU, GPU. This is the upscale version of helio G90t.

Best Dimensity processor in 2024

In 2019 MediaTek introduced the Dimensity line to the world with the promise of the best performance and all processors Will comes with a 5G modem. They launched the Dimensity series in all price range like budget, midrange, and flagship category. MediaTek Dimensity 1000 plus is their best Dimensity processor in 2024. This is featured in a lot of smartphones and able to deliver the best experience. This is also the Best MediaTek processor for 2024.


Common faq of Best MediaTek processor list 2024

  1. is mediatek processor good?

    yes, they make a good processor and in recent they able to make some really good processor. But they are still lacking behind the competitor like Qualcomm, Apple.

  2. Which is the Mediatek top processor in 2024?

    MediaTek top processor is Dimensity 1000 Plus

  3. Mediatek most powerful processor

    Dimensity 1000 Plus is the Mediatek most powerful processor

  4. mediatek fastest processor

    Dimensity 1000 Plus

  5. helio best processor

    Helio G95 is the helio best processor

  6. which mediatek processor is best?

    Dimensity 1000 Plus

  7. mediatek highest processor

    Dimensity 1000 Plus is the MediaTek highest processor

  8. Best Dimensity processor in 2024

    Dimensity 1000+

  9. best mediatek processor ranking in 2020?

    Check Full best MediaTek processor ranking above.

  10. Which one tops the Best MediaTek processor list 2020

    Dimensity 1000 Plus is tops the Best MediaTek processor list 2020


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