Apple’s iOS 12.2 reveals that AirPod 2 are on the way

Apple's iOS 12.2 reveals that AirPods 2 are on the way

It seems that Apple is finally preparing for the launch of the new AirPod 2 generation. The latest beta release of iOS 12.2 includes a configuration interface for the Hey Siri command for Apple AirPod 2, a key feature of the new generation wireless pair.

The configuration is not visible to public beta testers. Currently, only Apple iPhone and iPad devices can be woken up with a Hey Siri command. AirPods need a tip before they start talking.

Apple launched the AirPods in 2016 and we’ve been waiting for a second generation since, but we only had a small price cut.

Now we are building rumors that the AirPod 2 will be true in early 2019. You should come with a suitcase that can be charged wirelessly, and some fitness tracking features. Others have suggested that a completely redesigned third-generation design be launched in 2020, but let’s face it.