Apple Glass! HERE YOU GO! Design, Name, Price, Release Date, and more! EXCLUSIVE LEAKS!


For years we’ve been speculating been guessing been making concepts of Apple Glass. These are one of Apple’s most mysterious products no one knew about that until now. Apple AR Glass leaked by Youtuber FrontPage Tech host Jon Prosser. They leaked a lot of information about New

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Upcoming Apple Glass that is the official name of the Apple AR Glass. Apple Glass leaks look more sense this time because of how Apple Going to put Apple Glass in front of the user.

Apple Glass! HERE YOU GO! Design, Name, Price, Release Date, and more! EXCLUSIVE LEAKS!

Apple Glass all Data Processing going to happen in your iPhone as we have seen in First-generation Apple Watch. Apple Glass is not going to be like a Holographic lens like Microsoft Hololens or something from the future. So All data processing will happen on the iPhone, which means Apple Glass design will slick, Stylish, and comfortable so you can wear it all day long.

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Apple Glass Design and Build

So, according to Leaks Apple Glass Prototype version is on Plastic frames, it may be changed to the metal when it finally arrives. This prototype is a little bit older, so this will be going to change in the final one. On the Right side of Apple Glass, there is LIDAR Sensor intreated into the prototype. There is no camera present in this prototype, but maybe in the final version, there will be a camera sensor alongside the LIDAR. Apple Glass will Charge wirelessly with a Plastic Stand.

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Both Apple Glass lens with display information via a new UI called starboard. Apple Glass UI starboard supports gestures to control. Nobody can tell from outside that what lenses are displaying. There will be no sunglass version of Apple Glass because if display Working tinted glass.

Apple Glass Release date and Sale

Apple Glass Release Date

Apple wants a big event and media when they will announce the new Apple Glass. Apple Glass Released date going to in Q4 2020. So they want to launch Apple AR glass with iPhone 12. But because of this COVID -19 situation, they will not do this. So the new Apple Glass Released date will be in March 2021. So Apple Glass Sale will start for the public in Q4 2021 or Q1 2022. Hopes they not canceled like Apple wireless charger.

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Apple Glass Price

Apple Glass Price
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A big question appears about Apple Glass Price. Apple Glass Price will be 499$ + Prescription. It makes sense because data processing is happening, and depending on the iPhone in your pocket. If they anything more than that, they trust us Price going to rise quite a bit.
So the App Glass Price will be $499 + prescriptions are an option you can add your Prescription to the frames.

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Apple Glass Leaks Full List

  1. Apple Glass price $499 + Prescription.
  2. All Data Processed In iPhone (Like First Gen Apple Watch)
  3. Planned as ‘One More Thing” Announcement Q4 2020 – Q1 2021 (dependents on Covid-19 Heath Guidelines)
  4. Apple Glass sale will start o Q4 2021 – Q1 2022 (dependents on Covid-19 Heath Guidelines)
  5. The prototype was Plastic, but final material could change to metal
  6. LIDAR on the right side, No camera on Prototype. But maybe added on the final version
  7. Wireless charge (flipped upside down) on Platic Stand
  8. Display on both Lenas
  9. Apple Glass uI called starboard
  10. Scans proprietary Apple QR Codes
  11. NO sunglass version of Apple Glass – Display don’t; work on tinted lenses.
  12. Lidar data from 2020 iPad Pro Going to Glass team
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Here You can Check Full video

Is Apple working on AR glasses?

Yes, They are and It Called Apple Glass check full specs, design and leaks in this blog.

What will Apple AR glasses do?

According to Dopetech news, Apple Glass will display information from your iPhone to Apple Glass lens

Is Apple working on smart glasses?

Yes and they going to launch this soon please check Apple Glass launch date in this Blog.

How much will the Apple AR glasses cost?

Apple Glass will cost you around $499 for base model but the only valid if Apple will going to use this tech. Read full blog

Will Apple make a VR headset?

No, they are going to amke Apple Glass that is toatally based on AR technology.

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