We rarely see a native feature for the first time on iOS, then on Android, but here we are. According to Techusiast, beta channel 1 of Android Q Developer Q Preview 1 already has a capture screen that confirms the rumors earlier this year.

The Google Pixel subfolder informs a user that Beta users can access Settings -> System -> Advanced -> Developer Options -> Feature Ads and enable “settings_screenrecord_long_press”. You can then start recording on the screen by holding down the record button, which was originally started with the Start / Stop button.

A dialog box prompts you to approve the voiceover recording and show the tap. Then you are done – the recording begins. How to do it, you see in the video above after the mark 7:30.

The Power menu also displays the Emergency option, which is currently available only from the lock screen when you start entering your PIN. Earlier rumors also indicated sensor privacy, Wi-Fi support WPA3 and 5G. We expect all of these features to be officially announced May 7-9, when Google’s I / O system is online.



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