You should now know that the Huawei P30 is equipped with a periscopic zoom camera that allows a magnification of at least 5x. Huawei took the opportunity to promote this feature ahead of this week’s launch. However, with the recent photo examples published on Weibo, the company has once again made an “oopsie”.

It turns out that these photos are not taken with the P30 or P30 Pro, even if the marketing campaign implies the opposite. One of our readers found a picture in the portfolio of a professional photographer and it goes without saying that it was taken with a digital SLR camera. The photo with the erupting volcano was also online and was taken almost ten years ago, 2009.

Although Huawei is not the only smartphone maker to use its DSLR photos, they must be clearly labeled in this case. Huawei wants you to believe that you can take similar photos with your smartphone. And with a bit of work you will probably find the rest of the stock photos anywhere on the internet.

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