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    Apple A15 Bionic

    Apple A15 Bionic
    SKU: A15 Bionic
    Brand: Apple
    Category: Processor
    • Chipset Name Apple A15 Bionic
    • CPU SPEED 2x 3.223 GHz – Avalanche, 4x 1.82 GHz – Blizzard
    • Available Yes

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    The competition is still playing catch up to our chips, not just from last year, but even from two years ago, and today we’re extending our lead with A15 bionic. This is how ahead Apple Smartphone Processors compare to others. With this Quote, on 14 September 2021 Event, Apple announced New A15 Bionic Processor for iPhone 13 Series and New iPad Mini. Apple A15 Bionic Specification sheet packed with all the best features that give them a great Performance leap against their rivals. This year there are 3 versions of the A15 Bionic Processor

    It’s the fastest CPU in any smartphone up to 50% faster than the leading competition For graphics-intensive tasks.

    Let’s Find Out Apple A15 Bionic Specs, Antutu Score, Geekbench Score, and also Find out its Ranking in the Best mobile processor list 2021. You Can Also Check Our Processor Comparison Tool, Where You can Compare any Processor to anyone. Apple A16 Bionic Specification and Benchmark.

    Apple A15 Bionic Specification

    Apple A15 Bionic Specifications

    The New Apple A15 Bionic specs sheet featured two new CPU Microarchitectures, both in efficiency and performance core. They also increased CPU frequencies in both Core. A15 Bionic comes in three (relatively minor) variations and has found its way into the iPad mini 6, the iPhone 13, and the iPhone 13 Pro, which gets the most powerful version.

    Apple A15 Bionic Specification sheet has Hexa Core CPU and, Configuration is 2x 3.223 GHz – Avalanche, 4x 1.82 GHz – Blizzard. This is the highest configured CPU configuration that comes with iPhone 13 Pro Max. Where iPad mini has a smaller 2.9GHz versus 3.2GHz, but the effect on performance is negligible.

    The New CPU performance improvement was very vague in that Apple Claim 50% faster than the competitors. This is a big claim but looks promising because the competition is still trying to catch up to Apple chips, not just from last year, but even from two years ago as we know.

    For a better understanding of the performance difference, we will run the Apple A15 Bionic Benchmark test on a platform like Antutu, Geekbench, 3D Mark, and Many More.

    Apple A15 Bionic Specification

    The New Core in A15 Bionic has increased Single-core frequencies by 8% in two-Performance Core. Because of this, it reached to 3240MHz compared to the 2998MHz in A14 Bionic. The Operating frequencies go up to 10% when both performance cores are active.

    The New A15 Bionic should be made on a TSMC New N5P node variant, although neither company disclosed it. TSMC’s New N5P Node claims a 5% frequency increased compared to older ones, and Apple has to go beyond this to be able to get a 10% performance boost, which also increased power consumption.

    The Efficiency cores of the A15 are now able to clock up to 2016MHz, a 10.5% increase over the A14. The frequency is independent of the performance cores, as the number of threads in the cluster doesn’t affect the other, or vice-versa.

    One more straightforward A15 Bionic Specs detail Apple revealed during its event was that the New Processor now features double the system cache compared to the last year. Apple A15 has a 32MB system cache that is doable than A14 Bionic because it has the same 16MB System cache as A13 Bionic.

    We can now confirm that the A15 Bionic SLC has now doubled to 32MB which further increases the memory depth to reach DRAM. Apple’s SLC is the main factor of the power efficiency of the processor, as it can keep memory accesses on the same silicon rather than getting slower, More power-hungry DRAM.

    We’ve seen this type of last-level cache used by many Processor makers, but at 32MB in the new A15 completely dominating competitor, like the 3MB SLC on the Snapdragon 888 or the estimated 6-8MB SLC on the Exynos 2100.

    Apple also changes the L2 cache of the performance core, which is now 12MB, 50% more than A14. This is the same as The Apple M1 Processor. The access latency has risen from 16 cycles on the A14 to 18 cycles on the A15.

    This year Apple has invested a lot of SRAM, Like Snapdragon 888 has combined 3+L2 (4+1+3×0.5 = 6.5MB). The efficiency cores in A15 Bionic, don’t seem to have changed their cache sizes this year, remaining at 64KB L1D’s and 4MB shared L2’s.

    Apple A15 Bionic comes with 4- or 5-core GPU depending on the iPhone variant you get. It has also has improved the Apple 16‑core Neural Engine, which can get 15.8 TOPS Speed. It is Now Supported by 8GB of RAM with a maximum of 4266 MHz.

    This has also a new improved ISP, that now supports 10‑bit HDR, Dolby Vision HDR (up to 60fps), ProRes, Cinematic mode.

    Apple A15 Bionic Benchmark

    A lot is going with the Apple A15 Bionic, first-time apple has 3 versions of the same processor one has Low clocked speed CPU, the other one has one less GPU core and one is fully Packed with all the Best Apple A15 Bionic Specs. Ipad Mini has a low-speed version of CPU, with 5-core GPU, where iPhone 13 Pro has a higher clocked variant of CPU and 5-core GPU, and iPhone 13 has the same CPU but 4-core GPU. Because of this, there must be a difference between Apple A15 Bionic Benchmark Score and we will be going to find out how much these specs changes make difference in terms of performance.

    Apple A15 Bionic Antutu Score

    Here are all versions Apple A15 Bionic Antutu Score.

    AnTuTu 9

    Apple A15 Bionic Antutu Score is 854218 in iPhone 13 Pro Max.

    Total score854218

    iPhone 13 Antutu Score

    Total score818321

    Ipad Mini Antutu Score

    Total score774517
    Apple A15 Bionic Antutu Score Comparison

    These are all 3 variants of the Apple A15 Bionic Antutu Score. We can clearly see that smaller CPU Frequency makes a huge impact on device performance, compare to one less GPU Core.

    Apple A15 Bionic Geekbench Score

    Apple A15 Bionic Geekbench Score for Single core is 1725 and Multi-Core score is 4633.

    Apple A15 Bionic Geekbench Score

    Smartphones with A15 Bionic

    Click on the device name to view detailed information.

    Phones with A15 BionicAnTuTu v9
    1. Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max854218
    2. Apple iPhone 13 Pro833920
    3. Apple iPhone 13818321
    4. Apple iPhone 13 mini786713
    5. Apple Ipad Mini 6774517

    Apple A15 Bionic Dope Score

    Apple A15 Bionic Specs


    How fast is A15 Bionic?

    This is the fastest Mobile Processor in the world with Hexa Core CPU and 5-core GPU.

    How powerful is the A15 Bionic chip?

    It is one of the best Mobile Processor in the world and apple claim 50% faster than the competitor.

    What is the A15 chip?

    It is a 5nm custom Apple Mobile Chip that is based on ARM.

    How much faster is A15 than A14?

    It is around 40% to 50% faster

    Who makes the A15 chip?

    Apple make A15 Bionic, which is based on ARM tech and manufactured by TSMC

    Apple A15 Bionic benchmark Score?

    Please check below the Apple A15 Bionic benchmark Score based on Antutu, Geekbenchm 3dMark, and many more.

    Apple A15 Bionic Geekbench Score?

    Apple A15 Bionic Geekbench Score for Single core is 1725 and Multi-Core score is 4633.

    Which Device has the best A15 Bionic?

    iPhone 13 series and Ipad Mini.

    Apple A16 Bionic vs A15 Bionic Specification Comparison?




    Processor Manufacturer Apple
    Announced 14 September, 2021
    Model APL1W07
    Class Flagship


    Size 5nm
    CPU Cores 6
    CPU Configuration 2x 3.223 GHz – Avalanche
    4x 1.82 GHz – Blizzard
    High Frequency 3223 MHz
    Core architecture hybrid (big.LITTLE)
    Performance Core 2x 3.223 GHz – Avalanche
    Power Efficient Core 4x 1.82 GHz – Blizzard
    L1 Cache 12 MB
    L2 cache 8 MB
    L3 cache 4 MB
    Storage Type NVMe
    Instruction set ARMv8.5-A
    Thermal Design Power (TDP) 6 W


    GPU <strong>GPU</strong> (Graphics Processing Unit) is a single-chip processor designed to rapidly manipulate and alter memory to accelerate the creation of images in a frame buffer intended for output to a display, This includes things such as lighting effects, object transformations, and 3D motion. Apple A15 GPU 5‑core

    GPU Memory 1200 MHz
    Architecture -
    FLOPS 249.6 GFLOPS
    OpenGL Version 2.0
    DirectX Support DirectX Support 12
    Vulkan version 1.1
    Shading units 640
    Video Encoding H.264, H.265, Motion JPEG
    Video Playback 4K at 60FPS


    APU / NPU / AI Proc. / Neural IP Apple 16‑core Neural Engine

    TOPS Speed 15.8 Tops


    RAM Type LPDDR4X
    RAM frequency 4266 MHz
    RAM Max 8 GB
    Max Bandwidth 42.7 Gbit/s


    Cellular Technology GSM / CDMA / HSPA / EVDO / LTE / 5G
    4G Network 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 13, 17, 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 46, 48, 66 - A2643, A2644, A2645
    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30, 32, 34, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 46, 48, 66, 71 - A2484, A2641
    5G Modem
    5G Network 5G NR (Bands n1, n2, n3, n5, n7, n8, n12, n20, n25, n28, n30, n38, n40, n41, n48, n66, n77, n78, n79)
    FDD-LTE (Bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 13, 17, 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 28, 30, 32, 66)
    TD-LTE (Bands 34, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 46, 48)
    UMTS/HSPA+/DC-HSDPA (850, 900, 1700/2100, 1900, 2100 MHz)
    GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)
    5G mmWave Yes
    5G sub-6 GHz 5G (sub‑6 GHz)4
    5G Spectrum sub-6-gigahertz (GHz) and mmWave

    Mobile Connectivity system

    wireless System Apple Wireless Chip
    WiFi-6 ready
    Wi-fi <strong>Wi-Fi</strong> is a popular wireless networking technology using radio waves to provide high-speed network connections that allows devices to communicate without cords or cables, Wi-Fi is increasingly becoming the preferred mode of internet connectivity all over the world. Wi‑Fi 6 (802.11ax) with 2x2 MIMO
    Wi-Fi Band 2.5GHz, 5GHz, Wi‑Fi 6
    Bluetooth <strong>Bluetooth</strong> is a wireless communications technology for exchanging data between mobile phones, headsets, computers and other network devices over short distances without wires, Bluetooth technology was primarily designed to support simple wireless networking of personal consumer devices. Bluetooth 5.0
    Bluetooth Audio -
    GPS <strong>GPS</strong> The Global Positioning System is a satellite-based radio navigation system, GPS permits users to determine their position, velocity and the time 24 hours a day, in all weather, anywhere in the world, In order to locate your position, your device or GPS receiver must have a clear view of the sky. Built-in GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS and BeiDou
    USB Lighting Connector
    NFC <strong>NFC</strong> (Near field communication) is a set of standards for smartphones and similar devices to establish peer-to-peer radio communications with each other by touching them together or bringing them into proximity, usually no more than a few inches.
    Extra Feature Ultra-Wideband chip for spatial awareness5
    NFC with reader mode
    Express Cards with the power reserve


    ISP Apple Custom-designed Image Processor; Computational photography, Also Support LIDAR Sensor
    Single Camera 12MP camera
    Dual Camera 12MP + 12MP
    Video capture [email protected]/30/60fps, [email protected]/60/120/240fps, 10‑bit HDR, Dolby Vision HDR (up to 60fps), ProRes, Cinematic mode, stereo sound rec.
    Video Codec H.264, H.265, VP9, Motion JPEG, Apple ProRAW

    Extra Feature Night mode
    Deep Fusion
    Smart HDR 4
    Photographic Styles
    Apple ProRAW
    Cinematic mode for recording videos with shallow depth of field (in 1080p at 30 fps)
    HDR video recording with Dolby Vision up to 4K at 60 fps
    ProRes video recording up to 4K at 30 fps (1080p at 30 fps for 128GB storage)*

    Display and Audio Support

    Display Support 2732 x 2048
    Refresh Rate 120Hz
    Audio Playback AAC, AIFF, CAF, MP3, MP4, WAV, AC-3, E-AC-3, AAX, AAX+


    Security Features Apple Face ID and Touch ID Support
    Fingerprint Sensor Yes
    Face Detection


    Charging Speed Apple Macsafe Charging and lighting Charger


    AnTuTu benchmark scores 801381
    Geekbench scores Single-Core Score - 1725
    Multi-Core Score - 4633
    3DMark 2130
    Passmark CPU 10472 Points
    Octane V2 63443
    Mozilla Kraken 414


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