Periscope cameras provide a way to provide long focal lengths in the thin form factor of a smartphone. But how do you work? A video showing the dismantling of the Oppo Reno camera could give us some insight.

The periscope module measures only 23.5 x 11.5 x 5.73 mm. It’s good enough that it can fit in the phones without causing a big hump. It is quite small overall and therefore does not need too much internal volume.

The module consists of three main parts: prism, lenses and sensor. The lenses come together, they have a special “D-Cut” design that keeps the module as slim as possible. A magnetic coil moves the prism to achieve optical stabilization of the image.

The phone’s main wide-angle camera also has an OIS system, which is traditionally built. You can see both stabilization systems side by side at 2:15 am in the video. Both cameras can work together to achieve a 10x hybrid zoom.

We also want to see a disassembly of the Oppo Reno selfie camera – it’s a unique design pop-up camera.


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